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Connecting Mobile Applications with Blockchain Technology

D.P.Monks Finance is a London based company working with development teams on an international scale.

We specialise in mobile application development and blockchain technology exploring new ways to utilise crypto currency.

Primarily our native crypto tokens, and projects developed by us are XRPL orientated.

this is due to the very low fee and high speed in transactions, carbon friendly emissions and efficient scalability tailored to our future projects.


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World Technology Concepts. Global Network and Data Exchange. Metaverse Virtual Technology.


THE 'XDX' Token is our companies native crypto currency issued on the XRPL and will be utilised with all our products. XDX is available on xumm,  decentralised wallet.



Each application produced will involve xdx token holders to receive application related airdrops. 

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multiple different blockchains utilised to specific applications with individual smart contract capabilities.

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Virtual + Augmented Reality Designs

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